Beds Open
Green Flag = Shell fishing beds OPEN

red flag

Red Flag = Shell fishing beds CLOSED

 Shellfish Flags are located on the water's edge at the Boat Ramp, Lands End Way. Promenade St., Susan Dr., Eisenhower Road and #1 Peach Street


 The Swansea Shellfish Beds in the Coles River and Lees River from Rt.103 to the Bay are CLOSED .


Updated April 16, 2014 @ 0800

 The MT. HOPE BAY Swansea area south of Bay Point Rd / Gardners Neck (Deep Water DMZ Zone) is CLOSED


The Coles River North of Rt.103 just prior to Rt.195 is CLOSED

Updated April 16, 2014 @ 0800

The Lees River North of Rt.103 is CLOSED


Updated April 16, 2014 @ 0800

For Your Information
1 bushel = 32 quarts
4 quarts = 1 gallon
8 gallons = 1 bushel
5 gallons = .625 bushel
1 peck = 1/4 bushel

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Shell Fish Warden Phone Number 508-509-0787
Harbor Master (Sgt. Dan Lowney) Phone Number 617-799-8693


*** Need to Know From the Shell Fish Warden  ***

*** Shell Fishing Rules & Regulations ***

*** Water Zoning Maps ***

 ***2014 New Commercial Fisherman Rules ***

 ***Commercial & Junior Commercial Fisherman Info ***


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Please read and understand all the rules and regulations regarding shell fishing in Swansea.  Please adhere to the zoning maps of the waters you're allowed to shell fish in and please stay out of the closed areas. 

Ignorance of the regulations is not an excuse for violating them! You will be penalized to the MAX !! **

To Apply for a Shell Fish License:
Permits are available at Swansea Town Hall,
81 Main St. Swansea, MA

To obtain a permit you will need to provide:

  Valid identification
2.  Proof of residence
           3.  Current tax bill / Utility bill
                                4.  Permit fee made payable to the Town of Swansea.

Download a 2014 RESIDENTIAL application here

Download a 2014 COMMERCIAL LICENSE application here       

To obtain a Commercial License, you must be a resident of Swansea.
 Also, you must have:
 A Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commercial Shellfish License

A State license may be obtained at the
 Division of Marine Fisheries
1213 Purchase St. 3rd Floor
New Bedford, MA. 
Phone: 508-990-2860 (dial 0 for the operator)

All Notifications regarding the opening and closing of the shellfish beds will be posted on this web site as well as the department's official Twitter Home Page. 
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You may direct any inquiries to the Shellfish Warden, Sgt. Daniel Lowney, or contact the shellfish warden by phone at  508-509-0787 (8am till midnight daily) or Swansea Police at 508-674-8464.


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